What if we could change the world?

"We've been so inspired by the power of conversation to transform the lives of women around the world that we've made it our mission to spark one billion meaningful conversations between women of different cultures." 
- Emma Jakobi | Hey Lady! Founder
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Empowering women worldwide through English

Over the past three years we’ve helped thousands of women to improve their English, build confidence and speak fluently. In that time, we’ve seen lives transformed, challenges overcome and new friendships blossom between different cultures. It’s been a truly inspiring journey.

Our community began as a Facebook Group, then a website. As the community continued to grow and thrive, we decided to create a new home for our members - one that will make it even easier to connect with each other, and empower them to take their English journey into their own hands.

Hey Lady! represents the next big step in our journey and a giant leap of faith in achieving our mission; to create one billion meaningful conversations between women of different cultures.

We believe in the power of language to bring the world closer together. Through English, women who live in different corners of the world; who may be meeting for the first time; exchange ideas, share perspectives and learn from each other in ways they may never have dreamed possible.

Through Hey Lady! women worldwide establish friendships, become confident communicators and create the best, English-speaking version of themselves.

The future of language learning is social

Since 2016 we have been developing a unique social learning experience, where members are empowered to practise with each other, on their own schedule, without always needing a teacher or tutor to be present.

Instead, our teachers play the role of ‘coach’, supporting the community with structured learning materials and additional training so they can host their own conversations and invite others to join. Learning happens naturally through genuine interactions.

Hey Lady! takes our social learning experience into the future! Our platform is continually being improved to make it even easier to find and meet people to practise with one-on-one or in small groups. It helps to ‘match-make’ based on shared interests, availability and even personality.

Both coaches and community members have total control over how and when they participate so even those with the busiest lifestyles can continue to make progress, knowing they are being effective with their time.

On a mission to create

One billion sparks

One billion meaningful conversations between women of different cultures.

From YouTube to our own platform

Many people know our Founder, Emma from her successful YouTube channel, mmmEnglish. It's here that our journey began in 2016. After reading thousands of comments from her students, Emma noticed that the women in her audience faced a unique set of challenges that impacted their ability to improve their English and achieve their personal goals.

At that moment, she had an idea: what if there was a space where women could practise their speaking skills without distraction; without being spoken for or spoken over; without worrying about being perfect? A place where she could encourage them to try new things and actually enjoy the journey of learning English?

The first manifestation of that idea was a Facebook group “Ladies Who Love to Speak English” formed in 2016 that quickly grew to over 30,000 members!

The following year, with the support of her partner and now Co-Founder, Shah Turner, The Ladies’ Project was born. Emma worked tirelessly with a beta testing group to test her ideas on a ‘homemade’ website and see if they would work. It was a success!

Over time, the The Ladies’ Project (TLP) experience evolved and improved. A new platform allowed us to experiment with a unique learning model: to support the learning journey rather than lead it. A constant stream of incredible stories poured from the hearts and minds of our members and we knew that TLP had become so much more than a place to learn English.

Women who were once strangers were learning more about each other and the world, each conversation creating just a little ‘spark’ between them - the very beginning of a new friendship.

By 2020, inspired by what was unfolding before them, our Founders established a new, seemingly impossible mission: to create one billion of these sparks - one billion meaningful conversations between women of different cultures.

Today we have over 65 countries represented in our community. We have attracted the attention of socially conscious investors who have offered their support while we work to achieve our mission.

Experience the difference!

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Connect to a life-changing world of English-speaking opportunities in the warmth and safety of a women-only environment.