Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Special clause for Covid-19 – change of period or guaranteed refund.

As an exception to the general rental conditions (and with particular reference to point 7 / Cancellations - Changes) if it is not possible to make use of the booked stay due to measures issued by public authorities related to the Covid-19 health emergency (e.g. lockdown, closure of borders, tourist/non-essential travel restrictions, quarantine obligation, etc.) DI CASA IN SICILIA will grant the possibility to change the booking period or, alternatively, refund the full amount already paid for the rental (without applying any penalty).

Important: This special clause does not apply to other cases (even if related to the Covid-19 emergency) such as: closed restaurants, curfews, flight cancellations, etc.

This special clause also does not apply if the specific restrictions related to the Covid-19 emergency and issued by public authorities refer only to unvaccinated persons.

In case of illness of the client (including Covid) act of the insurance coverages that DiCasaInSicilia offers to all clients. Read here for more information.

1 / Booking and prices

The booking of all the properties present on the website are subject to the laws regarding renting for the purposes of tourism and are completed by DI CASA IN SICILIA on behalf of the respective owners/lessors according to the conditions agreed to by the same. The prices indicated on the website for each property include both the price of the rent and the commission for DI CASA IN SICILIA and include all the services and consumptions indicated in the list "INCLUDED SERVICES". Any extra child's cot or extra bed (where available) must be requested at the moment of booking. Any services or expenses listed in "NOT INCLUDED SERVICES", for each individual property, are not included in the price. These services and costs will be dealt with at the property itself. All of the houses are furnished with fitted kitchen or with equipped kitchen corner (crockery, pots, fridge). In the description of each single accommodation unit it is stated which electrical household appliances (TV, washing machine, dish-washer, etc.) are available. Please, notice that the accommodations mostly belong to different private owners and therefore have their own different features. Because of this it is better to point clearly out any particular requirement of yours at the very same moment of the reservation and in any case, these specific requirements must be pointed out before your acceptance of the contract and put down in words in the proper "booking form". Domestic animals are usually not allowed into the accommodations except for some properties: in these particular cases their presence will be permitted only upon your previous specific demand and only after a subsequent confirmation on the part of DI CASA IN SICILIA.
The tourist tax is a local tax which must be paid by those who stay in accommodation in the main Italian municipalities and in the most famous cities of art. The tax, if required by the relevant municipality, is calculated for each overnight stay and the amounts generally vary from €0.50 to €5.00 per person per night. It usually does not apply to minors under the age of 12 years. On the presentation page of each accommodation, under "Policies", it is possible to check the exact amount of the tourist tax, possibly foreseen by the relevant municipality. Based on the legal provisions in force in Italy, this tax must, as a rule, be paid directly to DI CASA IN SICILIA at the time of payment of the balance. On the "booking confirmation" DI CASA IN SICILIA will indicate the exact amount of any tourist tax due and to be paid at the time of payment of the balance of the booking.
The price also includes various insurance covers, details of which can be found on the specific page of the website Insurance covers included.

2 / Procedure for booking and payment

To book, please fill in the booking form on our website www.dicasainsicilia.com, send an e-mail, phone to DI CASA IN SICILIA or to the fixed travel agencies. The booking is dependent to the previous confirmation of the availability of the chosen lodging on the part of DI CASA IN SICILIA and is considered totally valid only after DI CASA IN SICILIA has received the official "request of booking" and the pertinent amounts. Within 3 days DI CASA IN SICILIA shall receive your "request of booking" and a first payment equal to a 30% deposit of the price of the booking. Once we have received the deposit we shall send you an "account balance" with all the details of what you have paid and what you still have to pay. Full payment must be made before the date stated on the "account balance", as well as on the presentation page for each property under the heading "payment conditions". For bookings made close to the dates of the holiday, entire payment must be made at the time of booking. Once your balance is received we will send you an "accommodation voucher" with all the useful information about the delivery of the keys and the travel directions to reach the reserved accommodation itself. The contract between the two parts will be considered regularly active and already definitive with your down payment of the deposit. Should you fail to down pay the deposit amount within 3 days from the confirmation, your booking itself will be automatically cancelled. In order to activate the insurance policy included in the price it is necessary, within 24 hours from the confirmation of the booking, to indicate all the names of the people who will stay in the property, filling in a special form that will be sent by DI CASA IN SICILIA together with the confirmation of the booking.

3 / Length of tenancy – arrival time

The minimum length of the stay is one week for the most part of the properties, generally beginning on the Saturday afternoon (between 16:00h. and 20:00h.) of the arrival date and ending on the Saturday morning (between 08:00h. and 10:00h.) of the departure date. Any alterations concerning the arrival and departure times must be previously arranged with the key-holder and at any rate subordinated to his/her acceptance. No reimbursement is provided for in case the arrival is anticipated or delayed. Please, notice that in August DI CASA IN SICILIA saves to itself the right to accept – at least – two weeks long reservations.

4 / Number of guests

Only the people whose name is indicated in the "accommodation voucher" of DI CASA IN SICILIA will be allowed to occupy the property. Any possible substitution of people during the term of the stay will be permitted only if previously agreed with DI CASA IN SICILIA. The number of guests (adults + children) cannot be bigger than the number you stated at the moment of your reservation and at any rate cannot outnumber the sleeping capacity indicated in the description of the accommodation unit present on the internet site www.dicasainsicilia.com. In the total number of people in party only one child no older than 3 years will not be counted. The key-holder may forbid entrance into the accommodation to those people in excess. In order to take advantage of the "special offer for couples", the number of people occupying the property must not exceed two (including children under the age of 3).

5 / Formalities at the Arrival – Safety deposit

Please, 2-3 days before your arrival date phone in order to advise about your estimated arrival time and to arrange and/or confirm the modalities concerning the delivery of the reserved house. At your arrival you have to produce the above mentioned "accommodation voucher" together with a personal identification paper and leave to the key-holder a safety deposit in €, equal to the amount indicated in the description of the accommodation unit. The key-holder – might it be the property's owner personally or one person in charge of his/her – can refuse entrance into the accommodation if you don't leave a safety deposit at your arrival. This very same safety deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay – after the inventory check has been carried out contextually to the redelivery of the lodging to the key-holder – and upon deduction of any possible damage caused to the lodging itself.

6 / Cleaning and external maintenance

All of the lodgings will be delivered in clean and good conditions and basically the final cleaning is inclusive in the price. Notwithstanding this you have to redeliver the lodging as in order and tidy as at the moment of their arrival. Should the lodging not be redelivered as in the above written conditions the key-holder – might it be the property's owner personally or one person in charge of his/her – can deduct up to € 50,00 for the supplementary cleaning expenses from the safety deposit left at the arrival. Besides, the key-holder – might it be the property's owner personally or one person in charge of his/her – may have free access to the property in order to perform the necessary operations of maintenance (garden, swimming pool and so on).

7 / Cancellations – Changes

Any cancellations of confirmed bookings must be communicated in writing and will be subject to a penalty that shall be calculated according to the full price of the booking. The closer in date the cancellation is to the beginning of the holiday, the higher the penalty shall be (the exact percentage is indicated on the presentation page for each property under the heading "cancellation policy").
Changes of term or accommodation are considered as cancellations and therefore – in such cases – the pertinent penalties will be enforced anyway. 24 hours elapsed from the failed arrival without any communication sent to DI CASA IN SICILIA the reservation will be automatically rescinded and DI CASA IN SICILIA will give the availability of the lodging back to the property's owner with no obligation at its own charge.
In case of cancellation of the booking for justified and documented reasons, the penalties are covered by the insurance policy. Read here for more information.

8 / Responsibilities of Di Casa In Sicilia

Should, owing to reasons not within or circumstances beyond its own control, DI CASA IN SICILIA not be able to place the reserved property at your disposal, it will be consequently allotted you – upon your approval – a property with similar characteristics. In the case that what has been written above could not be possible DI CASA IN SICILIA will be compelled to cancel the booking and refund the entire down paid sum to you who – from that moment on – will have no right to any further indemnity.

9 / Claims

Each accommodation proposed has been previously visited and checked with accuracy by DI CASA IN SICILIA itself which – for this very reason – declines all responsibilities for whatever modification introduced to the lodging by the property's owner without informing DI CASA IN SICILIA in advance. At your arrival you have to verify the good conditions of the accommodation, the inventory, the well-functioning of the electrical household appliances and make possible complaints within 24 hours. The repair for possible damages caused or happened in the course of the stay will be at the customer's expanse. DI CASA IN SICILIA is however at your disposal to solve possible problems. Of course, to make that possible it is indispensable that your complaints are put forward in good time. At any rate, for all those claims carried out after that 10 days are elapsed from the end of your stay, you will have no right to any kind of compensation.

10 / Competent Forum

Any dispute or controversy shall be dealt with exclusively by the Judiciary Authorities in Patti (Me).